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Assessment ~ Consultation ~ Advocacy
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There are several types of assessments that can be completed in order to determine appropriate needs and potential services:



K-12 Psychoeducational Evaluation:

This is an assessment that is used primarily in order to determine eligibility under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act 2004. It pertains to the use of cognitive, achievement, social-emotional, adaptive, and other assessments in order to make this determination. This assessment can be used to determine eligibility for all areas under IDEIA for Kindergarten through 12th grade students.


Preschool Psychoeducational Evaluation:

Parents are interested in their children being physically and emotionally ready for school, and completing a preschool evaluation can help support school decisions. A preschool evaluation measures cognitive, academic, communication, motor, social-emotional and adaptive functional behaviors related to school and the home settings. This assessment is also completed in accordance with statutes under IDEIA and state regulations.


Senior/College Evaluation:

Students who have been receiving services under IDEIA or Section 504 may wish to continue these services in higher education. Colleges and universities require an evaluation in order to continue services, completed within 12 months of enrollment. 


Independent Education Evaluation:

Under IDEIA Sec. 300.502, an IEE can be requested when parents disagree with the school district or LEA's completed psychoeducation evaluation. An IEE in a psychoeducation evaluation completed by an individual not associated with the school district, that completes an assessment under statutes outlined under IDEIA. It is not a clinical evaluation, but paid for by the school district. 



Clinical assessments measure concerns within the psychological processes. An assessment can help determine these psychological processes impact a child's learning and life experiences. Clinical assessments may include measurements related to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) or dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia.





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