Assessment ~ Consultation ~ Advocacy
Assessment ~ Consultation ~ Advocacy
Rooted Nomad, LLC Assessment ~ Consultation ~ Advocacy
Rooted Nomad, LLCAssessment ~ Consultation ~ Advocacy


Need help with interpretation of law and paperwork?

During the special education assessment process, there are many questions that may arise. Information provided about the process from those with expertise in the field, but are independent of the school district can be vital to understand the process. 


This is a service for both parents and professionals.

Assessment of Established Evaluations:

Although contact and help should be completed with your school district, further understanding of paperwork related to special education and/or services provided under Section 504 may be necessary. Consider the following questions:


Do you need help understanding paperwork?


Do you have questions about appropriate services being provided for your child?

Is the evaluation completed adequate for the needs and potential services provided?

What if I disagree with the evaluation results? What are my options?


Rooted Nomad provides consultation for parents, parent attorneys, and advocates in order to determine appropriate eligibility, placement, and special education or Section 504 services. 

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